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To print all packets arriving at or departing from sundown

# tcpdump host sundown

To print traffic between helios and either hot or ace:

# tcpdump host helios and \( hot or ace \)

To print all IP packets between ace and any host except helios:

# tcpdump ip host ace and not helios

To print all ftp traffic through internet gateway snup: (note that the expression is quoted to

prevent the shell from (mis-)interpreting the parentheses):

# tcpdump ‘gateway snup and (port ftp or ftp-data)’

To print traffic neither sourced from nor destined for local hosts (if you gateway to one other

net, this stuff should never make it onto your local net).

# tcpdump ip and not net localnet

To print the start and end packets (the SYN and FIN packets) of each TCP conversation that

involves a non-local host.

# tcpdump ‘tcp[13] & 3 != 0 and not src and dst net localnet’

To print IP packets longer than 576 bytes sent through gateway snup:

# tcpdump ‘gateway snup and ip[2:2] > 576’

To print IP broadcast or multicast packets that were not sent via ethernet broadcast or multicast:

# tcpdump ‘ether[0] & 1 = 0 and ip[16] >= 224’

To print all ICMP packets that are not echo requests/replies (i.e., not ping packets):

# tcpdump ‘icmp[0] != 8 and icmp[0] != 0″

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