Transferring FSMO Roles

Microsoft Windows [Version 5.2.3790]
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fsmo maintenance:
fsmo maintenance:


server connections:
server connections:

connect to server server100

Binding to server100 …
Connected to server100 using credentials of locally logged on user.
server connections:
server connections:


fsmo maintenance:

Transfer domain naming master
Transfer infrastructure master
Transfer PDC
Transfer RID master
Transfer schema master

Error message when you try to remove Exchange Server 2003 : “0x80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the server”

Today i tried to remove Exchange 2003, but i get Error code 0X80072030 (8240): There is no such object on the server.
Based on my research, this may be caused by postmaster mailbox points to a invalid user.

On the Exchange Server, we will have a Postmaster account. If there is no
postmaster account available, the Prerequisites will always pass
successfully. If there is a postmaster, and his mailbox has the homeMDB
attribute which was pointed to the current Exchange Server, then the
Prerequisites will only pass when this server is the last server in the
organization. Otherwise, the uninstall will fail.

The Postmaster account is not easy to find via Exchange System Manager (ESM) or Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC), so we need to use ADSI Edit again. To do so,
– In ADSI EDIT, locate the following container:
CN=Configuration, DC=Domain,DC=Com\CN=Services\CN=Microsoft Exchange\CN=EXCHANGE\CN=Global Settings\CN=Message Delivery
– Right click on “CN=Message Delivery” and click Properties.
– Find the attribute named “msExchAdminMailbox”.

The value of msExchAdminMailbox is the user which owns the Postmaster account.
– In ADSI EDIT, try to find this user. If you can find it, open its properties, and check its HomeMDB attribute. Which Server is it pointing to? It is possible that you cannot find this user in AD. If yes, please go to the next step.
– Please change the msExchAdminMailbox value to another user which mailbox is hosted in another Exchange Server.

For example, assume that we need to remove Server A, and the Server B is running now. Let us find a user which mailbox is located on B. Assume this user is Nasser . You can use the following method to determine the msExchAdminMailbox value:

a) Open ADSI Edit and find user Nasser in the Domains\Users container.
b) In Nasser’s Properties page, please check the HomeMDB value to ensure it is in another existing Exchange server.
c) Locate the “distinguishedname” of Nasser , and copy the value of it to msExchAdminMailbox

ASCII Keyboard Characters

ASCII Keyboard Characters
Table of the ASCII Keyboard Characters The ASCII keyboard characters are listed in the following table.

    0 to 9 0 to 9
    A to Z and a to z A to Z and a to z
    . period
    + plus sign
    * asterisk
    [ left bracket
    ] right bracket
    { . left brace
    } right brace
    ! exclamation point
    double quote
    # number
    $ dollar
    % percent
    & ampersand
    single quote
    ( left parenthesis
    ) right parenthesis
    : colon
    ; semi-colon
    , comma
    ? question mark
    @ at sign
    / slash
    \ reverse slash
    = equal sign
    > greater than sign
    < less than sign
    | vertical bar
    ~ tilda
    ^ carat