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ASCII Keyboard Characters

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ASCII Keyboard Characters
Table of the ASCII Keyboard Characters The ASCII keyboard characters are listed in the following table.

    0 to 9 0 to 9
    A to Z and a to z A to Z and a to z
    . period
    + plus sign
    * asterisk
    [ left bracket
    ] right bracket
    { . left brace
    } right brace
    ! exclamation point
    double quote
    # number
    $ dollar
    % percent
    & ampersand
    single quote
    ( left parenthesis
    ) right parenthesis
    : colon
    ; semi-colon
    , comma
    ? question mark
    @ at sign
    / slash
    \ reverse slash
    = equal sign
    > greater than sign
    < less than sign
    | vertical bar
    ~ tilda
    ^ carat

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