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Linux Kernel RTL8169 NIC Remote Denial of Service

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The Linux Kernel is exposed to a remote denial of service issue in the NTL6269 driver. This issue occurs when a large packet is sent to a computer with NTL6269 NIC installed. Specifically, the driver permits frame sizes of up to 16383 bytes, but allocates only “skb” to “rx” rings of 1536 bytes.

Linux Kernel versions prior to 2.6.30 are affected.




  1. Although I know nothing ’bout Linux, but I think your blog would be more better if u categorize the information you insert here.
    If you start teaching Linux here, it would be more and more better!! you also put some security issues here,they’re great and also helpful in Microsoft or Cisco (the concepts).
    Any way, thanks again for letting me know ’bout this, I wish you luck on every thing.


    Comment by Sima Banijamali — 2009-06-22 @ 11:07

  2. Thanks for your Comment , I’ll try to fix this issues ASAP .

    Comment by Nasser Heidari — 2009-06-22 @ 19:56

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