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Block POST Method with VARNISH for Invalid URLS

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Recently, I’ve experienced very high load on my http server because of spam bots.
After some inspection on the server using tools like varnishtop , tcpdump, apache mod_log_post , I’ve realized that Web Server receives lots of invalid POST Requests.
as I have only few forms on the Web Server that uses POST method, I decide to Block ALL POST method REQUESTS except my forms , lets say the form urls is :

I just add thease lines to my Varnish configuration:

... ... sub vcl_recv { ... ... if ( req.request == "POST" ) { if ( req.url ~ "/upload/mainform.php" || req.url ~ "/form1.php" || req.url ~ "/form2.php" || req.url ~ "/form3.php" ) { return (pass); } else { error 403 ": Requested Method is not supported by this server."; } } ... ...



  1. Brilliant idea :). Thanks!

    On a side note, you might want to throw out an error “405 Method Not Allowed” instead of 403.

    Comment by Pierre-Luc — 2011-03-31 @ 22:11

  2. Thanks for you Consideration.

    Comment by Nasser Heidari — 2011-04-02 @ 20:58

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